Advanced Ghost Hunting

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    Ghost hunting equipment and tools can get pricey so I only reccomend investing in them if you plan on using them often. If you plan on gathering as much evidence as you can from your investigations than I highly recommend these great devices. I especially find the equipment that helps open communications between us and the haunting spirits the most revealing and most helpful during paranormal investigations. Photo and video proof can be amazing and perhaps most popular among amateur hunters. I feel that hearing what the haunting spirit has to say can lead to answers for why they are haunting, what might make them leave or find peace, and even give us clues to what their spirtual existence may be like. Personally, learning about the spiritual realm is the most exciting but hardly ever even mentioned.

EMF detector

One of the coolest ghost hunting tools is the EMF detector. Just like a compass it can detect strange electromagnetic fields. However, the EMF detector is able to pick up more weaker fields than a compass can. When using this tool you are looking for a fluctuating energy field. Sometimes ghostly entities move around and you can attempt to follow them before they disappear. You should start snapping pictures when you experience this kind of activity on your EMF detector. When using this device you want to look for readings between a 2 and a 7. This is the range that most ghost hunters will agree a ghostly presence can register between.

If you are looking to buy an EMF detector and you don't want to spend too much, I recommend the Cell Sensor. Not only is it inexpensive, but the red part on top will blink faster and faster the stronger your EMF reading gets. It's very light and fun to use. I have one myself.
Non Contact Thermal Gauge

Instead of using a plain, old thermometer, you might want to invest in a non contact thermal gauge. When you are looking for cold spots, It's easier to cover ground fast with this handy device. It reads temperatures with a laser so all you have to do to get a temperature reading is point it where you want and pull the trigger.

Electrostatic Generator

This tool is definitely for the serious ghost hunter. Because a spirit needs electrostatic charges to materialize(at least that's the theory), an electrostatic generator will help give ghostly entities that extra boost that they need to do so. This handy tool shoots ions into the nearby area, which will help to give strength to an all ready existing paranormal experience. This device is only good for indoor use. If you tried to use it outside the ions would just shoot of too far away to be of any help.

Tone Generator
This is another, very advanced ghost hunting tool. It's similar to the electrostatic generator in which it helps the manifestation of a ghost. This device will create a "standing wave" where the sound of the tone concentrates at. This "standing wave" is a pool of energy that is in theory, at or near the same frequency of the entity.


    Preparing Yourself for Ghostly Encounters

     For many, trying to find ghostly entities is a lot of fun and exciting. Actually seeing a ghost face to face is a completely different experience. Most of the time there is really nothing to be afraid of. Very few entities have the ability or have the desire to harm the living(unlike the Bell Witch). It's that fear of what you don't understand that can harm you if you are not prepared. A person can experience heart failure from such a shock.
     One thing that can help you prevent loosing your cool is going with someone or a group of people on a ghost hunt. People tend to feel stronger when they are with someone. Besides, the more people that wittiness the same apparition, the less likely it can be blamed on hallucination. You can also say some kind of a prayer before you begin your ghost hunt or investigation. It might help give you a sense of protection. If you need more you can bring an item with you for good luck or something pertaining to your religion like a cross, holy water, or other blessed items.
     It rarely ever happens but if you believe a ghost has followed you home, you can often get it to leave by verbally demanding it to leave. A ghost can be driven away by your will most of the time. If That still doesn't help, you might want to consider calling a professional.
     In huntingfor the supernatural, you must also be aware of the possibility of physical harm. In hauntings, and cases of poltergeists you must be aware of the projections of objects that might be headed in your path by psychokinesis. It might seem exciting, but it can also be very harmful if you are not on your toes and get struck by a hard object.
     One last thing I would like for you to keep in mind is that ghosts draw energy from their surroundings in order for them to materialize and do their haunting thing. That means they can also draw their energy from you. When this happens, a person becomes more vulnerable to getting sick or ill if your energy is being drained for too long. If you feel like an entity is doing this to you, you should discontinue your investigation instead of putting your health at risk. Other than those four things, ghost investigation and ghost hunting is pretty safe. Also, don't forget to watch where you are going when lighting is limited. Most ghost hunts are usually in the dark. Just be careful and enjoy yourself.

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