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Orbs- True orbs are spirits of the deceased (both human and animal) in the form of spheres, or balls of light that can hover and fly at will. Orbs can be transparent or translucent and can be seen in photos and videos. They usually can't be seen by the human eye alone. Some say you can even see faces inside some orbs. Photos of orbs are the most common paranormal photos out there. The number of orbs have been known to multiply greatly during moments of high paranormal activity. Orbs can be found outside and indoors as well. A theory for why a spirit takes the form of an orb is that it takes the least amount of energy to manifest into.
        Orbs have been seen coming in and out of an areas of light, usually in a funnel or cone shape which is commonly called a vortex. It is possible that orbs and other spiritual phenomena have been traveling from their dimension to ours through these vortexes. It is less common for a vortex to show up in a photo than an orb, and this might be because some vortexes open and close rather quickly when only one or two orbs are present.
        Non believers and sceptics say that photos of orbs are nothing more than dust and water particles being taken out of focus. It is likely that many of the orb photos out there are just that. That is partly why there are so many orb photos. However, orbs that have been captured on videos floating and flying around by themselves may be a little harder to be explained.

Here is what a great site called Magick Garden has to say about orbs that we happen to agree with.

"In my personal experience I can definitely state that: During paranormal events, orbs are usually present. On every investigation where we have determined paranormal activity to exist, we have gotten several orb photos. There is a correlation between the amount of electromagnetic activity and the number of orb photos taken. We have never taken an actual orb photo in a place where there was no paranormal activity. During one investigation we followed an orb using an EMF meter and a digital camera. It led us on a tour around the grounds of the property we were investigating.
My personal opinion is that an orb is just one way a spirit can manifest in the physical universe."

Picture of many orbs



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