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What are Ghosts and what do others believe them to be?

     Ghosts can be defined in many different ways depending on who you ask. Most people think ghosts are just someone who has risen from the dead, in white clothing, and are usually transparent. Spiritualists believe ghosts are the spirits of the deceased that are stuck on earth because they don't understand what's going on or because they don't know they have passed on. Here in the west many believe souls go on to either heaven with God or with Satan in hell. Others believe ghosts are the presence and/or appearance of the soul, life force or spirit of someone who has died. On this site we define the term ghost as a spiritual entity usually human, but can also be animal, that is conscious of itself and is possibly conscious of its surroundings.
     Most of the time people don't even see the ghosts. They are however aware of their ghostly presence from objects that move on their own, strange noises, smells, and unusually cold places. When they can be seen they can look as real as you and me or can be fuzzy and be seen through. Ghosts can be in the form of mists as well as human figures or shadows of human shapes, or be orbs that move about by intelligent guidance. Ghosts usually appear in the outfits worn during the time period they lived in. Most ghosts that are seen time and time again will usually be in the same clothes. Rarely but sometimes, other ghosts will change their look and their age. Some ghosts will even appear disfigured and horrifying, a mirror image of how they looked when they died or were murdered.
     Most ghosts are harmless but once in a while an unfriendly one gives us living folks an unpleasant visit. If a ghost stays in one place for a while you might say that place is haunted. Many haunting's take place in homes by ghosts of people that use to live in them or died in them. Some hauntings seem to happen for no apparent reason as well. Some believe that the reason ghosts remain here in our world is because they have unfinished business of some kind. Some may seek revenge, others may be here to comfort living relatives, and some are just not ready to move on to the next stage or realm that awaits for them. It has been said that many ghosts don't even know that they are dead. Ghosts might act out the things they did when they were alive. Some ghosts stay in places where they were most happy or comfortable in life. Some ghosts will actually leave the place it haunts if it finds out that it is no longer one of the living or even by being asked to leave by one of the living if it's asked nicely. Some ghosts just don't know whats going on. Some just need a little direction.
     If you would actually like to see a real ghost, your best bet is at night. Paranormal apparitions may be easier to see at night because many are translucent and filmy or because peoples minds are relaxed and more likely to experience clairvoyance. Ghosts have actually been seen more in people's homes, and buildings than in graveyards. You might actually have a better chance of seeing a ghost in your friends basement than visiting a dead relatives grave. Another good place where you might find a ghost or many ghosts is in an area that held a battle or war. Places where many people have been killed,especially where the people have been killed so quickly and suddenly. These ghosts might be the kind that probably do not know that the battle they were in has ended, but most likely battle field ghosts are imprint apparitions.

Gray and White ladies

These ghostly gals get their names from always appearing in either gray, white, brown, and black clothing. Their reasons for haunting is a sad one for it is either caused by heartbreak, or from suffering a violent death due to their love for another. It is believed that many of these ghosts are desperately searching for their lost loves. It is important to know terms like this one when you are studying the paranormal or about to enter paranormal groups. You will come across terms like this often.

a ghost in a graveyard (painted by Max Rodegher)

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