Ghost Hunting

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     Before you go out ghost hunting you need to know where to look. Cemeteries are good places to attempt a ghost hunt. Some have said that ghosts are strongest around the place where their remains are buried. If there is any truth to this, then your local cemetery is a good place to start. Other places you can try ghost hunting are homes and buildings that have a reputation for being haunted. Ghosts can also be found where battles and wars have taken place so if you live near an old battlefield you should check that out as well. Let the word get out that you are in search for ghosts and the paranormal and after a while people will be coming to you asking if you want to check out their basement or attic. Just remember that where ever you do your investigation that you have permission of the property owners to do so. Not just the people that live there.

        Well, now that you have picked a good place to conduct your first ghost hunting trip you need to make sure you have the right equipment.
  • A flashlight. Most ghost hunting is done at night so you will probably want to bring a good working flashlight or two with you.
  • A camera. If you have a video camera, that would be great. However a 35 mm camera or a digital camera would be just fine. Whatever camera you use, try to avoid using any non natural light like a flash or a camera light. That way if you do catch a picture of a ghost the skeptics can't use the flash to explain away your picture so easily.
  • A tape(audio)recorder. If you are lucky, you might catch the actual voice of a ghost. Make sure you are using a brand new tape and only use one side of it so that you don't pick up any sounds from the other side of the tape. Also, use a recorder with an outside microphone, otherwise you might pick up sounds from the inside of the recorder. What would be even better than a cassette tape recorder is a digital audio recorder. When you are about to purchase one, make sure that it comes with a usb cord so you can save and edit your evp recordings.
  • A thermometer. Ghosts have been known to create cold spots and you can use a thermometer to record and confirm these occurrences. Also, you might try to snap a picture around the cold spot in hopes of capturing a good ghost pic.
  • A compass. Some say that ghosts can effect electromagnetic fields and when the compass starts to go out of whack you might have a ghost in your presence.

     All human beings bodies are covered and able to work by electromagnetic energy fields. In short they are called EMFs. The peoples bodies also create its very own static electricity. The same kind of static that you get from sheets fresh out of the dryer. The theory is that when a person dies, their spirit or soul is made up of this electromagnetic energy. This is where the compass comes in handy. When you are in a strange energy field, the needle of the compass will not be pointing north like it is supposed to. Sometimes it even spins wildly. A compass is a great tool for beginner ghost hunters and a lot of people prefer using them. The compass does have some problems though. One is that you have to keep a very steady hand the whole time and keep your eyes on it often for any unusual movement. It also can not pick up any weaker fields like other devices can. The good news is that they are the cheapest tools for unusual emf detection.

     Another thing you should consider is the time you choose to do your ghost hunt. From what I've read and heard on television, your best chance for experiencing any ghostly activity is between 9:00p.m. and 6:00a.m. Not to say that you can not see a ghost during the day time. It can happen and I'm sure it has happened. I just think it's best to go when your chances of success are at the highest. I have also read that hauntings occur mostly between midnight and 3 a.m. These times are believed in the occult. Either way, night seems to be best.
     After you have finished your ghost hunt you want to examine all of the data you have collected thoroughly. Just because you didn't see anything in your digital camera or heard any unusual noises during your investigation doesn't mean you won't find them later on. That has been my experience at times.

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