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     Hauntings are when one or more ghosts are seen, heard, or felt on more than one occasion in the same dwelling. Often the reason why a ghost haunts a home is because the spirit had lived in that home before it died and either chooses to stay in that home or somehow its spirit may be trapped there. Ghosts will often be discovered in places where tragedies have occurred. Places where war and murders have taken place are often found to be haunted. It seems as if tragedies can trap a spirit to the surroundings of the incident. The spirit or spirits that haunt a dwelling will usually leave if they get what ever it is that they want, if there is something they want. Some examples of a ghosts needs is to get a specific message across to the living. If the ghost was murdered they might want the public to know who did it. Another example is that the spirit might want you to do something for it that it can not do for itself because it no longer has a body.
     Just about any kind of building can be haunted. Some examples of places that have been known to be haunted are libraries, hotels, mansions, colleges, hospitals, theaters, and stores. A haunting can be as short as a couple of days to as long as hundreds of years. A haunted location is a good place to pick up some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) if you leave a tape recorder on in a room where it is quiet. If you want to learn about EVP check out our
EVP page. If you are just interested in getting the ghosts to leave you can have your house blessed or even try something simple like asking the spirits to leave. Surprisingly, it works a lot of the time. If the hauntings are getting out of hand and all else fails, you might want to get some experienced help. If the haunting is being caused by actual spirits and not by imprints, an exorcism will probably be effective.

     Some signs that a dwelling is haunted are when doors are opening and closing by themselves, objects become missing and then reappear in strange places, you hear noises that seem to be coming from nowhere, and lights turning on and off by themselves. There can be apparitions of people, animals, and objects during a haunting but they are rare. People that visit or live in a haunted dwelling may sense a strong feeling of either negative or positive emotions. Some of these emotions are hate, anger, love, and pain. Every spirit is different just as every living person is different. Not everyone in a haunted location will experience the same thing, even when they are in the same room at the same time. One theory for this is that it takes a person of a certain level of psychic awareness, or sensitivity to experience things on a spiritual level.
     Most ghosts and hauntings are harmless. Sometimes they even seem shy of the living. Ghost hauntings tend to cause a lot less destruction then a poltergeist will. During a haunting you might get the feeling that someone is watching you. That's because someone is watching you, just not someone of the living. It's a creepy feeling but they don't usually mean any harm. To the ghost or spirit that haunts a home, you are the visitor and they are the original resident, since they might have been there a lot longer than you have.

     If your have read the apparitions page you might remember reading something about imprints which are unconscious apparitions of things that had happened years and years ago. Sometimes you can get these reoccurring apparitions over and over again in an older dwelling. This kind of haunting is called a residual haunting. These hauntings can be of old smells, people, sounds, and even animals that are from the structures past. It is believed by many that when something happens over and over again in the same place it can be recorded in a way by left over energy that the dwelling has stored. That's the best way I can describe it anyway. The good news is that this kind of phenomena will not ask anything of you because it is not actually of ghosts or spirits.

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