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You can find all the paranormal articles that we have posted in the past right here on this page. Just click on the titles of the articles below and the entire article will come up for you to read. We have also added the month and year the article was posted. If you have written your own paranormal article and would like to add it to this page send it to us at and we will review it and if it is unique and on topic with the paranormal we will be happy to post it and give you, the author credit for it. If you send us an article and you also happen to have your own paranormal site, we will be happy to add your sites link to that article!

Paranormal Misconceptions
September 2008

Ghost Trains
October 2008

Night Terrors;  Sleeping disorder or Paranormal Connection
November 2008

Dangers of the Ouija Board
December 2008


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