Why We Should Study the Paranormal

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     This month I decided that I should point out the reasons for why we should, and do study all kinds of paranormal phenomena. I know that at least half of the people that go ghost hunting are just out to have fun and get some kicks but sometimes it seems like many of the more serious ghost hunters and paranormal investigators are more interested in getting publicity and a few more bucks in there pockets than focusing on the reasons of why paranormal investigating began in the first place. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having fun, getting noticed, or even making some money with your paranormal interests. I am simply saying that we should try not to forget that paranormal investigating was originally done in order to find answers to how and why supernatural phenomena exists in the first place.
     Getting closer to the truth can be achieved if we keep digging for answers. How can we do that you ask. Well, when you are recording evp, using the help of a medium, or asking questions from ghosts and spirits in any form, you should throw in some general questions about the realm in which they exist, what are they capable of doing and not capable of doing, do they answer to a higher power, how do they travel, or any other kind of question that can shed some light on their spiritual existence. Compare your responses from several spiritual “interviews” and see if there are any similarities in your data and the data of other paranormal investigators. If you keep getting the same answers to the same questions you asked of several spirits, then you may have discovered some credible paranormal information.
     Secondly, never loose or throw away of your old data from past investigations. You never know when that old information will become useful again. You may come to find that a location that has been inactive of paranormal phenomena has all of the sudden “come back to life” so to speak. You may also find some old information containing similar patterns to some recently obtained data. A good paranormal investigator will always keep their data well organized and up to date.
     When you begin a paranormal investigation you want to conduct it like a detective entering a crime scene. First you want to gather all of the evidence that you can. Secondly, you want to rule out any human or natural causes for the phenomena that has taken place. Once you are able to do that then you want to find you what kind of paranormal phenomena is causing the activity. If it is spiritual than you should attempt to communicate with it in order to learn all you can. Remember to always use fresh, unused tape when recording evp. That will prevent anyone from claiming you evidence to be old recordings that bled through to the new recording. Do not use any unnatural lighting when taking pictures and video taping whenever possible. Flashes and other lighting can be reflected resembling orbs, vortexes, and other paranormal phenomena which you will want to avoid. You only want to capture the real thing.
     Basically, the more we learn about the paranormal, the better we will be able to deal with it. Our goal should be to shed light on a very puzzling subject. One day we would like to finally be able to prove or disprove the existence of life after death, and maybe even an answer to the question of why we are here. Even those that are ghost hunting for fun should do their best to gather as much information and evidence as possible in the event that a very major paranormal occurrence takes place during their ghost hunt. You never know when the supernatural will pop into your life and when and if it does, you should try to capture as much of that event as possible for the sake of science.
Max Rodegher
Author of Studies of the Paranormal

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