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Ghost Story 21

                                                          Shadow Figure 


     One night I was sleeping and having a weird dream about a roller coaster (and I don't like rollar coasters for the most part) but I woke up and I'm still not sure why but I looked over at my trophy/ doll shelf/ music shelf and over by the side of my shelf was where my medals hung and I freaked out and almost screamed. There was a black figure just standing there right next to my medals just staring at me. I couldn't see his face and he was really tall. I think he was about 6'4 or something but it seemed as if he was wearing a cloak type thing with a hood on his head and he was really skinny. It really freaked me out because it kind of reminded me of those dementors in the third harry potter movie except he wasn't skeletal but he started to move towards me and it freaked me out even more! The way he was moving is what freaked me out the most. He wasn't really floating it was more like he was gliding towards me and his movements were real lucid (im not sure if that's the right word to use here). A weird thing happened after he started moving towards me. He just stopped in the middle of my room and looked straight at me and then he disappeared. It freaked me out so much that I slept with my closet light on the next night and i was like 13 which is saying something because when I was 9 I wanted my room to be completely dark because I'm a light sleeper and can't sleep with any type of light on!


Ghost story 22

                                                        Little girl ghost

It was about six weeks ago and I had woken up it was 3 a.m. my room was almost bitch black except a nightlight for my 8 year old sister I looked up because I saw something out the corner of my eye and there in front of me was a little girl she had on a white nightgown I couldn't tell where it ended since i had most of my face covered. Her face was so clear I could make out every feature she had brown eyes that looked sad. She had golden blonde curls but looked at me angry she also looked the same age as my sister. We made eye contact and she just stared at me as if she was staring right into my soul. I was so frightened that I put my head back under the covers every so often I would check to see if she was still there It had been another hour before she finally disappeared. The hauntings still continue to this day.


ghost story 23

                                  Strange Visitor

I moved into my house probably two years ago. I've always beleived in paranormal activity and I took a strong interest in it. I've played with a Ouigi board, regreting it now, knowing things I didn't before about it. I've experienced noises, shadows, feelings, but nothing too big of a deal. One night in particular I was feeling really upset when I hear a knock at my bedroom door. I figured since I was home alone my dad probably just got out of work and was checking up on me. The knock was kind of quiet, but I knew for sure it was a knock. I said "Come in." The door opened a crack, and I got confused, so again and tried saying things like "Hello, you can come in?". I thought at first it was a joke my sister or dad was playing on me cuz it was getting kind of creepy. Eventually I said it again and the door opened a bit more. I finaly said "What do you want?" and the door quickly slammed. I was horrified, and still to this day I feel uncomfortable. I don't know if this spirit is good or bad, but I don't want it near me. It brought me into looking for other stories, I know it doesn't seem like the scariest thing, but it creeped me out and now I want to know more.


ghost story 24

                                      The Hooded Woman

I was in my kitchen to get a drink of water at 3:12am, from being in bed for the last 4 hours,and in back of the sink is a window that's where I saw a reflection of a women standing behind me I turned to look behind myself and there was nothing there but on my way back to bed as I walked past a room with the door open I saw this image again but more clear it saw me and came toward me and it felt like an evil presence. It looked like a women with a hood on and the eyes where jet black and the face looked deformed the people who live here before me said watch out for the night creatures as he gave me the keys for the house with a smile on his face I thought he was just kidding but he must encountered something here after that night I haven't seen anything the history of this house has no other reports about it this is a old house. Built in 1890, but I know what I saw and my wife thinks I am crazy, I hope one night this thing visits again when my wife is alone in the house so she will believe me


ghost Story 25

                                          A Ghostly Neighbor

When I was about 14, my cousin was staying over, I lived with my grandparents at the time. My room was my dad's old bedroom at the back of the house. There was a big foyer between my bedroom and the living room. My grandmother was in the kitchen cleaning, the light barely shown through the foyer, my room was illuminated by the light. My cousin turned toward the wall to fall asleep and I turned toward my bedroom door, we had been talking, but suddenly became silent. I just stared at the light coming from the foyer, I looked at the bedroom door and something caught my attention. A little girl with complete features in an illuminated light appeared to be peeking around my bedroom door as if looking inside my room. I watched her unafraid and I spoke not a word. She was holding my door with both hands looking around but not seeing us. She stepped inside, she was wearing what looked like a long nightgown. She looked about 6-7 years old with long hair curled on the ends. ! She tip toed past me and disappeared into the window next to my bed.She never looked at me. I couldn't speak, I wasn't afraid. I later told my cousin what I had seen and I'm not sure if she believed me. But it was all too real to me. I found out later that an entire family was killed not far from where we lived, within walking distance an old chimney stood in a nearby pasture where their home once was. The father woke up one morning, got his shotgun and shot all of his children, his wife and chased his little daughter down to a nearby creek and shot her there. They were all wearing their night clothes. This happened in the 1950's in northern Alabama. The father died in prison not too long ago.


Ghost Story 26

                                  Mysterious Bloody Girl

I was getting ready for bed when I thought I heard something. Frozen I waited to see if the sound would come again, but it didn't. I finished getting ready and headed to bed when all of a sudden I heard the noise once more. thinking my mind is just playing tricks on me i got into bed, turned off the light and listened to everything going on around me. The noise didn't come. Later I woke up and right above me a little girl was glaring at me. I didn't know who she was but she was covered in blood. All she said was "again" and faded into darkness. Now I have nightmares about how she got the blood on her. I still see her every now and then waiting and watching from the corner of my room.


Ghost Story 27

                                       Strange Smokey Spirit

Our family was taking care of our neighbors cats while they were away on vacation for two weeks during Christmas one year. We would normally go over to their house in the afternoon to make sure the cats were fed and that everything seemed ok with the house. One afternoon we opened the front door and a smoky-type spirit was standing by the stairs. We stood there astonished for a moment, and then realized that it was slowly moving towards us! We knew that we couldn't just leave without making sure the cats were fed, so we decided to go ahead and walk in the door and couldn't see the spirit anymore at that point, but could still feel the strong presence hanging around. During other visits to the house during this same time frame, we at various times would find lights on in the house that we hadn't previously left on, banging noises coming from upstairs, and once heard and saw the front door knob moving. After our experience at the house, our own house started having paranormal activity that we hadn't had before. We consulted a spiritual advisor who told us that sometimes spirits can follow you, and he also told us not to ever go back into the haunted house across the street from us again. We have never set foot inside that house again!


Ghost story 28

                                                        My Aunts Return

After my aunt committed suicide, we moved into her old house. The first couple of months went by without incident, but one night I was trying to get to sleep when all of the sudden, I couldn't move. My bedroom door slowly opened, and I saw a figure standing there, looking at me. It stayed there for a few seconds before it disappeared..


Ghost story 29

                                                        A Very Haunted History

. I have many ghost stories to tell. It all started when I was in about 9th grade. I went to my then boyfriend's house, we were all by ourselves and all of a sudden we heard what sounded like a little girl laughing. We decided to go and check it out. We went upstairs and went to his room (I promise to find out where the noise was coming from) but we where on one side of the room and his stereo was on the other side and then suddenly the radio turned on and blasted full blast. In about 2005/2006 my adoptive parents along with my biological sibling we went to Ft. Pillow (which is a battle site in Tennessee), in the middle of Summer. I went walking in to the woods towards the fort by myself . As I was walking I heard foot steps approach me, I stopped and looked around, no one was there. 5 minutes later I felt like a hand touch my right shoulder and then go down the same arm. So of course it freaked me out and I took off running. I haven't been back to Ft. Pillow since. The same year as Ft. Pillow, my family and I went to Shiloh, nothing was going on, no re-enactments or anything. My dad actually heard it as well. We both heard battle cries, cannon fire and gun shot. That of course freaked me out and once again I took off running. January 2nd of this year, I moved in with my real mom in Parkin, Arkansas and I just had a feeling someone was watching me. My aunt walks in my room to check on me and when she did she saw this black mist over my head. So after that we moved. As we were packing the last of our things to move, my aunt saw a shadow figure at the bathroom door and then heard a growl. But it didnt stop at that house. We then found out after moving into our new home we were living on a Native American burial site/campground. All of a sudden weird things started happening. It started with tapping and knocking noises on the windows and doors. A couple of nights later we heard footsteps approaching us. We would hear drumming faintly. One night we decided to do some investigating of our own. I caught an EVP of a man, my step dad started taking pictures in the back yard and caught an apparition of a little girl in the tree. A few times we heard a loud bang. In April, I was laying in bed one night all lights and everything turned off, I went to close my eyes and then I started hearing footsteps above my room, like someone in boots was was on my roof. I wake my cousin up as calm as can be but still a little scared, and tell her to listen and once again, someone started walking around on the roof again. My cousin and I leave our room to investigate and the footsteps was no were else but abouve my room. So I lay back down in my bed and turn toward the wall and then my left eye starts burning really bad so I wash it under water but that didnt help. I say to my cousin "Jessica go get your mom." She gets her mom and she walks in the bathroom to see what is wrong. She looks at my face and says, "someone just punched you in the eye." mind you, it was 2 am everyone but me, my aunt and cousin were asleep and my step dad was out of town. A couple of days later, I enter my bedroom (at this time it was just my aunt and I at the house.) 5 minutes later I enter the dining room and my aunt says' "Nicole, you have handprints on your cheek." My face is naturally red so when my aunt looked at me she could see an imprint of a hand on my face. This happened 4 times in a week. My my 6 and (at the time) 17 year old cousins were both scratched as well. The last thing that happened to me was around midnight in late April, my cousin and I were in the spare room which wasa the darkest room, in the house at night. no animals around at that time and I will never forget the sound that freaked me out more than any thing else, a growl right in my left ear it was loud and clear. I yelled out "RUN JESSICA RUN!" She heard the same thing and we ran out of the door not thinking to snap a picture to see if anything was behind me. We ran out of the door so fawst we almost fell down the stairs. .


Ghost story 30

                                                        A Very Haunted House

. We moved into Erin, TN in 2004, I was only 12 years old. We stayed there until 2008. The house wasn't very big, but it was three stories tall, the bottom layer being our basement. There wasn't any floor, just dirt and lime. It led upstairs to our laundry room which led to the kitchen. The kitchen led to a small room which just had a bed and computer and the kitchen also led to the hallway which one way led to the livingroom and the other to the bathroom and across the hallway there was the parents' bedroom. There were no doors, just openings except to the bathroom and parents room. And the computer room had stairs with a door which led up to my brother's room, then my room. We have never heard of any type of hauntings about the house, but it started with simply just hearing footsteps upstairs when nobody was home. My mom was telling me about it, and we have all heard it. The longer we lived there, the worse it got. But it seemed that I saw and heard things a lot more than my family, and I felt very alienated and depressed. Twice I would see a man walk from the computer room to the kitchen. One time, I just saw his shadow, but the outline of the shadow was more defined and not blurry. I remember him having wirey crazy looking hair and a big nose. The second time i saw him, I was coming downstairs which led to the bedroom and saw an actual person, but it was a quick glance and thought it was my stepdad. I went to go look for my stepdad and saw he was sitting on the couch. I never really got any bad vibes about that one, but upstairs I always did. My room especially. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if it were a demon haunting my room. It started with vivid dreams of something invisible either throwing me across the room or choking me, or one time I had a dream I was in the shower and hands pushed through the curtains and strangled me. And one night, I had a dream about a demon with a ragged overcoat, with greyish-brown wrinkly hands and gl! owing yellow eyes. I don't know if it meant anything but it fr! eaked me out. I would get scared sleeping in my room, so I would turn my christian station on my radio loud and slept with the light on, but sometimes the radio would change away from the station. So I started sleeping on the couch downstairs because it scared me too much and I just always had this horrible feeling in my room. I tried telling my mom, but she just thought I was full of crap. It made me into a depressed, angry kid which im sure my negative energy probably didnt help the situation. One day my little brother, who slept in the room next to mine along with my older brother, told me one day he went to go into my room and he saw a shadow go past him going into my room and as he walked into my room the lightbulb busted. My mom thought it was just an excuse to get out of trouble for breaking my lightbulb. And another time he told me he was taking a bath and thought he saw me staring at him through the curtain but when he opened it, no one was there and he ran out freaking out! . And it made me think back to my dream. Eventually, it got to the point where I would be home alone hanging out in the living room and sometimes at night I would hear these loud whispers coming from the kitchen. I couldn't understand what they were saying, as if it weren't english. I would pray and then they would go away. I meant to mention earlier, anytime something strange would happen, it would happen at night. But one day my mom let me stay home from school to do some house cleaning and it was just me and her. She left to go to the store and not long after she left, I was in the bathroom and I heard the voices again. This time, it was daytime. I sat in the floor and I prayed for them to go away. But this time, they didn't. I heard the voices coming from the kitchen, and I could heard them getting louder and closer to me. I finally jolted out the front door and stayed outside for awhile. I finally got the courage to come in and I turned the tv very loud and just sat st! ill on the couch terrified, waiting for my mom to get home. Wh! en she d id, she yelled at me for not cleaning and when I tried explaining it to her, she just told me it was a big excuse for not cleaning. I cracked and just went off on my mom for not believing me and we got in this huge fight. After that, nothing happened until we were moving out. We had everything out and were just doing some last minute cleaning. I didn't get to witness this, but my mom and little brother told me how they went into the kitchen to grab the broom and it was standing up by itself, not leaning on anything, and they just stared at it for a couple seconds and when they went to touch it, it slammed over. I don't know what was in that house or why, but I have the feeling it wasn't a good spirit. But this wasn't the only time I've encountered the paranormal. It was my sophomore year of high school. There is a church that has a burnt down school house beside it and me and my friend would explore it at night because we heard it had a past to it. And where there's a past, there's a haunting. It had two main rooms, one had a platform stage thing and the other was just a big empty room. The wall that separated the rooms had a big opening like where a huge window could go, so we could clearly see the other room. We were sitting on the platform one night talking and I looked into the next room. There was a piece of the ceiling hanging down and something was strange about it. I didn't know why, but it drew my attention. So i took a picture of it with my camera and nothing. My friend took it and took a picture, and in front of the part of the ceiling I was looking at it was an orb. It wasn't a silly dust particle, because when we zoomed in with my camera 1) you could see thro! ugh it and 2) it had a face in it. We ran out and never went back, but I still have that picture to this day..


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