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     Possession is one of the most creepy and frighting of the paranormal phenomena out there. True demonic possession that is. Most of the major religions believe in the ability of the human soul and body being manipulated or taken over completely by ether spirits, demons, or the devil himself. In Islam and India their is the belief in troublesome spirits that usually bring temptations, illnesses and other troubles but not quite the same as a demonic possession, which is much more intense.
     There are a handful of characteristics that all genuine possessions will have. The first is speaking in languages that the person being possessed had never learned or is familiar with. The possessed will speak with anger, hatred, and be cursing. Another trait of true possession is the levitation of objects and even the possessed themselves. Many poltergeist occurrences are confused with demonic possession because of objects being levitated and being hurled about. Super strength is another trait of the possessed, or becoming stronger that the victim is known to be. When a person has an evil spirit or demon inside of them, any religious symbol or item that is considered holy will anger and enrage the unwanted entities. Holy water will cause great pain and burning to the victim of any real demonic possession. Lastly, demons and actually many spirits from what I've been noticing through research seem to know a great deal about the past, present, future and all kinds of information. The demons will use the information to throw off and distract the ones giving the exorcism and also to cause more suffering to those close to the victim such as family and friends.

     There are of course many that do not except even the possibility of a person becoming possessed by spirits or demons, even when the signs are all there. Those closed minded individuals will find other ways to diagnose what is happening to the victim. Some blame what is happening to the possessed on epilepsy. Another is multiple personalities and also hysteria. Because many fear what they do not understand, they will often hide from it or cover it up in some way. What is strange is that back in the day, everyone seemed to believe in possession.
     Back in the middle ages or medieval times, everyone believed in demonic possession, or at least most. Christians of those days seemed to be very paranoid and of course where not educated as people today. If someone was acting different in some way or had believed in something that the church did not agree with was automatically blamed on demonic possession. If something went wrong like the loss of crops or livestock or other major misfortune, it would be blamed on a witch conjuring up the devil. For some reason people went from paranoia to over sceptical when there should be a better balance of the two.

                                              Possessed Dolls

     The idea of dolls and other children's toys becoming possessed has been getting rather popular in the past 2o or 30 years due to the growing number of movies based on the subject. It's also a subject that is hard to find information about, especially on the Internet because I've been looking, so lets talk a bit about it here. A lot of  the time the doll or toy is not actually possessed. It is being played with by the ghost of a child whether the toy used to belong to the spirit or is the toy of a living child. This is called spirit attachment and is often confused with actual doll possession. Until recently I didn't really believe in actual doll possession.
     I read an old ebay auction from last year of a doll that really creeped me out. This woman bought the doll from a antique shop thinking it was adorable and took it home. At first she would wake up finding the doll out of the box. Next, her keys would mysteriously become displaced. When she was at work one day her landlord had heard "...a horrible wailing and sounded like it was coming from a small child."
     The woman locked the doll in her closet and stayed with a friend for a week. When she got back everything in her apartment had gotten destroyed. The doll was sitting on the floor with a slight grin on its face. Isn't that creepy! Anyway, the doll turned out to belong to a little girl that had died of a "mysterious disease" and it seemed like her spirit dwelled inside the doll. The possessed doll was sold for around a hundred dollars or so, I don't remember the exact price but I did save the exact item description and picture from the auction. I emailed the woman asking for her permission to post the exact description and picture on my site but have yet to get a response.

     When it comes to possessed objects, just about anything can become possessed. Dolls are just more often possessedthan other objects. This could be due to the fact that many people become very attached to their dolls, especially the ones we have had since youth. If someone dies and their spirit remains in the realm of the living, it makes sense that some of those spirits would want to attach themselves to their most favorite possessionthey had in life which in many situations is a doll of some kind. When these items come into peoples lives they often are tied in with other paranormal phenomena such as shadow ghosts, bodily scratches of unknown origin, and demons. They are also tied in with non paranormal things such as nightmares, bad luck, and sicknesses.
     Sometimes simply removing the possessedobject or destroying it will stop the unwanted phenomena. Exorcisms can also be affective but are only done in the more severe cases. Other cleansing rituals may also be effective.

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