ESP (Extrasensory Perception)

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     Extra-Sensory Perception or ESP is any, all, or some of the five senses working on a paranormal level. ESP brings about information that has to do with the past, the present, and the future in a way which is scientifically unexplained. It has also been called a "hidden sense" and also "telesthesia". In modern parapsychology, ESP is called "psi" which refers to clairvoyance, telepathy, and psychokinesis. ESP happens often to mediums during possession, certain cases of apparitions, poltergeists, and hauntings. It has also been known to happen in astral projection and near death experiences. Much of the occurrences of ESP are spontaneous and uncontrollable. There is a good chance that everybody  at one time or another has had some experience of ESP. It's just only those individuals like mediums and other people that who consistently experience it that get the most attention. Those that do have a high ESP level will experience more of the paranormal world than the rest of us because of their high sensitivity of it. The three parts of ESP are all written in depth below to explain there differences and relations to each other.

Clairvoyance- The ability to visualize things like people, places, and objects that one can not see with their normal vision. It is also known as "ghost vision", and "second sight". This gift of vision can and does happen suddenly and spontaneously. Clairvoyance can be triggered purposely through many techniques like breathing in or ingesting particular substances. Also by fasting and by magical rituals. Clairvoyance can happen in dreams, be seen by the inner eye and by something called "traveling clairvoyance" which is where it is experienced in an "out-of-body experience" or OBE, sometimes traveling to other realms and dimensions where spirits dwell.

Telepathy- To communicate by means unexplained by science, from one persons mind to another. These thoughts can be of ideas, feelings, images, and sensations. Telepathy tends to happen  the most in situations of crisis. Someone will become aware of another persons tragic situation without any help of their normal senses. This can happen between people and animals as well. Just like clairvoyance, telepathy can occur in dreams. Caffeine is said to have a positive effect on telepathy, while other drugs have a negative one.

The term ESPwas created by a researcher named J.B. Rine, a parapsychologist of the early 20th century. He also came up with the theory that telepathy and clairvoyance are the same ability manifesting in two different ways, after performing many tests at Duke University.

(PK) Psychokinesis - A paranormalability that can affect physical objects from afar. The word psychokinesis is interchangeable with Telekinesis. It can happen all of the sudden or be used at will. It is the human mind controlling , moving, levitating, and changing shapes of material things. PK or TK can even bring about the outcome of events. Mediums, since many  posses the power of ESP, use it often. All of the table-tipping, levitation's, rapping noises, and even the materialization of ectoplasm is likely to be caused by psychokinesis. A form of PK is Teleportation,which is the mind causing objects to move a good distance, causing objects to pass through other solid objects, and the ability to make things materialize and dematerialize.This , along with other PK phenomena happen often in poltergeist cases and hauntings. PK can be negatively affected by boredom and anxiety. To read more about Telekenisis go to our Telekinesis Page.

Visions of the Future- I just thought I would add this little paragraph for those who receive visions of the future and take them for being prophecies written in stone. Many people have visions of the future, even myself from time to time. However, just because one has visions of the future, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will become a reality.  You always have the power to choose and alter your fate in life. Visions like these are just of what might or can be. Especially if you do nothing different to change the visual prophecies.



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