Ghost Lights

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Ghost lights.  Strange, bright lights thats' origin is completely unknown. They can come in balls or in irregular shapes as well. They can be observed from a distance. When ever people try to approach these lights they will disappear. The most common colors of these strange lights are white and yellow. They can come in other colors as well like orange, blue, and red. They have been known to pulse, change their color and dance about near the horizon or by the ground. Some also have released gaseous substances. Many appear at random and others appear regularly in the same places. Some can be active for years at a time. Just like UFOs, ghost lights are mostly found in remote places. Many places that are haunted from ghosts of people that have died in an accident or in some tragic way have been associated with near by ghost lights.

         There are many theories for these strange forms of light. Some think that they are simply the reflections of car lights, or swamp gas. Other explanations are UFOs, Ghost trains or that they are being created by the ghosts themselves as the term Ghost lights is suggesting. Other reasons that are given are that they are mirages, ball lightning, and other earth natural earth energies.

                            Brown Mountain Lights

     In North Carolina, there lies a mountain of 2,600 feet in hight called Brown Mountain. Here, there have been strange, mysterious lights witnessed there for at least a couple of centuries, perhaps longer. Some witnesses have said they look like a round orb or globe, white in color. Others say it is of a yellowish color and looked like a bursting star. Some have also said it moves around in different directions form time to time. After an experiment with a man made light of 500,000 candle power, it was concluded by the investigators that refracted light from a distance had a lot to do with the lights people were seeing. However, these light where seen before man had created artificial lighting. Another theory is that the phenomena is a natural one called "earth lights".

                       Marfa Lights

     These lights are found southwest of the Chinati Mountains, and are 200 miles from El Paso. They were first witnessed by Robert Ellison in the year 1883. They are named after Marfa, Texas, a ranching town of around 2,500 people. It is definitely one of the most famous of all the ghost lights ever witnessed. They have been seen bouncing, and racing around by local residents in the area. Other qualities include splitting into more than one light and other times they just flicker a little and do nothing more. They also say the mysterious lights seem to be very playful and show signs of intelligence.


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