Demon Hauntings

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     In the bible demons are the evil spirits that do harm to mankind working under the fallen angel satan, at least that is a brief summery. Although many do not share the belief of demons and devils, one does not need to believe in order to experience a poltergeist attack and haunting by them. Not all poltergeist hauntings are demonic in nature, but I believe that the more terrible they are the greater the chances that they are. I have heard demon caused poltergeist activity called demon hauntings so lets call it that. Demon hauntings are the most horribel and most powerful type of haunting one can experience. As I've mentioned in the poltergeist page, all things that occur in a regular poltergeist experience can occur in a demon haunting. Things like strange sounds, objects moving, objects being levitated and even trown across the room. Objects and appear and dissapear in the strangest of places, you get the idea if you've allready read the information.

     When you have a demon haunting you can be personally attacked. A demon can and will in time push, hit, scratch and things of this nature. Bruises and scratches are very common. These spirits are pure evil and only want to harm humans, especially the week. When I say week I mean those that are week mentally. The use of drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep and so on can make one an easy target to these evil spirits. Be on your guard. A demon can manifest itself into anyone and anything. Although manifestations are rare, you must know that the longer these hauntings occur, the more powerful the demon can become. All they need to do is to draw enough energy from their victims by the fear they cause them. If this activity lasts long enough and the victims become too weak, possession may take place. Please refer to the possession page if you are not familiar with the term. Trust me, you don't want this to happen to you or anyone around you and that is why you must deal with the problem immediately.

      If you ever experience a long lasting haunting and suspect evil intentions of any kind you must get professional help. Start with a professional paranormal investigation. If they classify the haunting as demonic or something of that nature even, you must take further action. I suggest a demonologist or a blessing of your house by a priest or mister to start with at least.

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