Real Ghost Stories 2

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Ghost Story 11

   Ghost Child 

     It was about 2-3 in the AM and I woke up and I really needed a drink unfortunately the sink in the bathroom was getting worked on so it didn't work. I went downstairs got my water and sat on the couch.. That night my nephew who was about 5 was staying over. Suddenly a little boy that just looked like my nephew stood in front of me, weird things was that he was wearing old Victorian clothes and looked like a peasant.. I asked what was wrong and he said he was scared and lost and missed Her.. I told him that his mummy would be here for him soon and he replied 'She cant shes dead' and disappeared...The way he disappeared was scary and weird it was as if he had burnt alive his body became a skeleton and his clothes landed on top of him and burnt away into ashes and then the ashes were taken away by a sudden wind. I never saw him again but it was weird...


Ghost Story 12

                       The Ghost Face

     My friends and I were enjoying a little armature ghost hunting right after we graduated high school. We decided to make one last trip out to a cemetery we call "The Shifter". On certain nights you will walk through without a problem; on other nights you will trip and stumble even though the moonlight illuminates everything. Also you can take 3-5 pictures of one headstone and it will be different in each picture. Everyone knows that the one thing a cemetery always has is a fence...not to keep things out but in. It's an old superstition I never believed in until that night. The shifter has no fence close to the road. a log truck driver fell asleep at the wheel 7 months before and took it out. As we rounded the last corner and the cemetery came into view, my stomach flip-flopped and I felt extremely sick. We drove past it and turned around on a small logging road. I felt better after a few minutes. My buddy pulled up next to me and we decided to skip it for ! the night cause he felt dizzy. We'd gone there numerous times before but nothing like this happened. As we drove past it to leave my stomach acted up again but not that bad. The trip back to the main road seemed to take forever even though it was only a mile away. Heading back to my house I looked over to make sure my girlfriend was alright and i noticed that the images in the side mirror were swirling. then it formed a face and it smiled at me. i yelled for my girlfriend to look and she started screaming her head off. i slammed on the brakes and spun sideways, my buddy did the same and our side mirrors touched. That was the only lucky part about this whole ordeal. I don't know what chased us but I know it's followed me all over the country. I have seen the same face numerous times in many places. Always at night and it's always green, smiling, and either holding out her hand or pointing at me, laughing.


Ghost Story 13

                    Lady in White

     I have a lady in white that I have seen three times in my life. The first time I saw her, I think I was about 5 or 6. My mom was tucking me into bed and I saw her standing in the corner of the room. I asked my mom who she was and when she turned to look the lady vanished. That night we had a house fire. No one was hurt and we never did find out how the fire started exactly. The second time I saw her I was a teenager. I was living in a foster home at this point and as I was getting ready for school, I saw her in the hall. I rubbed my eyes cause I figured I was still half asleep. She was gone when I opened my eyes again. That day at school I felt a horrible pain in my right eye. I found out a couple days later that my brother, who lived in a different foster home had been in an accident and his right eye was injured. The third time I saw her was as an adult, I was pregnant with my first child and after a particular hard night of trying to sleep I got up to go sit in ! the living room. As I passed the bathroom in the hall I saw her standing by the sink. I thought what horrible thing is going to happen to me this time. I waited for a couple days and when nothing happened I began to calm down. On the third day after seeing the white lady I got a call from my brother telling me that my Dad had passed away. I wondered why she didn't come to me when my Mom passed away years before. I don't know who this lady is, I just know that when I see her something bad is going to happen.



Ghost Story 14

                                  Playing with unkown Forces

     My friend stayed the night at my house one night. Onece everyone went to sleep we got a puppet string, and a rain drop shapped beed,and we needed blood of the Unnone(i cut a slit on my finger and she rubbed my blood on the puppet wire.), and a peice of papper, to right down A-Z, and Yes or No. So we did. Onece we did that we got on my bed and layed down the piece of papper, and we had turned ALL the lights off and we put up two candles one on both sides of the papper. We started to ask some questions.But the weird thing is.........we got answers. My friend asked,"show us that your hear by pulling a piece of Mirandas hair gentlly,not pulling." A few seconds latter something tugged my hair very lightly, so my friend said,"do that again." About 5 seconds latter someone,or something pooled me by my hair,dragged me out of my bed and pooled me into the middle of the hallway allmost to the liveing room.I was screaming at the top of my lungs kicking,and screaming hopeing that ! it would just didn't.After about 30 seconds my friend ran out of my room with a bible,and she lifted up in the air.All the sudden I stoped and nothing was pulling me or holding on to me. Everything was fine for about a week, but about a week latter I was playing my guitar in room. No one was home and i had my door open. About 10 minutes after i started playing my guitar my raideo came on. So I put my guitar on its stand near my closet. Once I got up and turned the raideo off all five of my strings broke at once.So i walked into the living room scared something bad was going to happen, I went to grab the phone to call my friend up to see if she could come over becouse i was scared. Right before i grabed the phone, the TV turned on. It turned on a chanel talking about the Devils number. Once i terned the TV off someone......or something whisperd in my ear saying,"Be carefull. You neaver no what could happen." I have been sleeping in my living room ever since. After that things....wierd things would happen.I don't no if its ever going to stop.



Ghost Story 15

                                  A Dream and a Ghost


     I was sleeping having a dream about a girl about 25-30 and someone was reporting her missing. They said she had a peace and love tattoo and then I seen her leaving with 2 men and another girl in a black truck and then I woke up too see a man like standing on something or floating in front of my bed above the closet. He wouldn't look at me but the whole 15-20 seconds I couldn't move or speak. Then after he disappeared I got my wife up.



Ghost Story 16

                                         Skeleton Face


I have definately led a "haunted life". I've had so many expieriences.Its hard to pick one to share , but I'm tired so I'll give you a short one. When I was a little girl I lived way out in the country in Southern Indiana. We lived in a trailer home made from 2 railway trailers.(Where the workers stayed while on the job.) Lots of strange things happened out there on that land. One thing in particular has stuck with me and given me an unusual fear. I'm afraid of windows. Especially at night. I must have dark curtains an blinds and they must all be closed at night. Anyway... One night after preparing for bed I leaned to give my mom a hug and a kiss. I looked up at the window and staring right at me where my reflection should have been was a skeleton's face. The thing was grinning great big. I was terrified. My mom looked at me and aked me what was wrong. I couldn't tell her what I had seen because I was absolutely terrified. I told her nothing was wrong and went to bed. Later when I was older my mom asked me about that time in the trailer. She said she always wanted to know what had scared me so badly. She said when it happened I had a sheer look of horror on my face and stood stalk still stopping on my way to kiss her cheek. She didn't push me to talk then thinking it might scare me even more. I will NEVER forget that face looking at me with it's menacing grin. Be sure to close your windows and shut your blinds tonight.



Ghost Story 17

                       A Child's Ghostly Visitor

     when my daughter was about 1 and a half we shared a bedroom. One night me, my boyfriend and my daughter were asleep. Quite suddenly and jerking me awake, my boyfriend jumped out of bed and ran over to my daughters cot and started grabbing at something above the cot that I couldn't see. I said, what the hell are you doing? He turned around with a look of panic on his face and then turned around to face the cot again and instantly relaxed and explained to me that something was sitting on the edge of the cot and was bending down over my daughter. A couple of years later, we had moved and my daughter was now 3, still sharing a room with me in her cot. One night I was sleeping when I woke suddenly. I looked across the room and saw a woman standing in the corner. She wore a dress and held a lantern. she looked kind and nonthreatening but i was still very frightened, my heart pounded and I couldn't really breath. I thought that I must be seeing things so I closed my eyes and opened them again but she wouldn't go away. She began to walk over to me and all I could do was sit there and stare at her, my heart was pounding. Suddenly she just stopped, turned round and headed for my daughters cot. I thought f##k that you ain't going anywhere near her! I turned my bedside lamp on and went to get out of bed. I looked up and she was gone. My daughter is now 4 and has her own bedroom. She hates going in there and hates sleeping in there. she says she doesn't like the voices. thats a pretty unsettling sentence coming from a 4 year old.


Ghost Story 18

                             Green, Glowing Phantom 

Okay so my little step sister is about 5 or 6 years old. She see's her dead grandmother. Her grandmother pasted away before she was born. She had never seen a picture of her before and she would wake up from a dream and be able to tell me everything about her. It really freaked me out so i did a little research. It didn't have anything about it. But she will also sleep with me when she hears things... so one night she got up and started walking towards my parents room. And no madder how hard i shook her she wouldn't wake up speak or blink or anything like that. She got to the door and just started screaming. She told me she had seen a green glowing thing and she went to follow it. Then it turned around and chased her all the way back to our room. And her cousin see's them too.


Ghost Story 19

                               Another Worried Mother

     Well, i am 13. And just last year my mom passed away while i i was out of town. Well, i told her she could sleep in my bed because she had back problems and i had a comfortable bed. When i got home from my trip I found her dead in my bed. The rest of that night was horrible. About a month later after she had passed away, we still hadn't gotten any autopsy results back. and in my first night at home after the funeral i had a bad experience. i had been asleep and something woke me up. someone was walking up my stairs to my room. but when i looked there was no one there. but these were definitely footsteps going up the stairs and I should have seen there head peek over the top of the banister as they got to the top. but no one. this happened every night until the autopsy results came in. she had died of over drug use. too many pills. but I wasn't worried at all about trying to figure out how she died. because i had already found the empty pill bottles by the bed that should have been at least half way filled. so i believe she was just not wanting me to worry too much about her. and sometimes to this day, i still hear the footsteps. but i don't get scared. i smile. i feel like she is just checking on me. just another worried mother.


Ghost Story 20

                                      A Young Ghost

      One night I was bored so I was just sitting in my room and I looked at my fan (witch was off) and it started to move really slowly, so I said "if ther is some one here could you plz stop moving the fan",and to my suprize it started to move faster! Well i got so scared a ran out of my room and told my aunt and she giggled and said "what a mind you have." I was so mad but I let it go and looked up our house on the web and found out that a little girl had died in that house in 1980. Her name was Emily Jones. I relaxed and thought if ther is someone there then it just wants to play. I go to my aunts house 5 days out of 7 and I enjoy it when I find more proof that she is there. I know she loves to see me.

Kristina Dawkins

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