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We have Real Ghost stories of Ordinary people!

If you have a ghost story of your own and want to see it here, just email me at and I will post it, or you can now send it through the form below!

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Ghost story 1

Ghost in the Basement

     As a kid in 3rd or 4th grade, I went down the stairs into my basement in my moms house. When I got off the stairs and started to walk to the laundry room I saw a ghostly image of an elderly woman coming out from behind the furnace. As soon as I saw her I had a deep fear come over me, so I tried to turn and run but I couldn't, as that she had seen me as well and began coming after me. Time practically seemed to stop for me. However, time wasn't effected at all for the scary ghost lady. She seemed not to slow at all. I then tried to scream while slowly turning to run but nothing came out. with nothing but fear as a motive, I ran for what seemed an eternity up the stairs while the old lady kept getting closer. Just as I got to the top of the stairs and turned to kick the door shut her hand reached for my leg but barely missed as the door slammed on her.
     Of course my parents didn't believe a word I told them, but I know what I experienced was real. That feeling I had doesn't happen in dreams. From that time on I was deathly afraid to go into the basement. Unfortunately being the basement in my own home I had to go down. The only way I could stand to be down there for even a minute is to constantly say in a firm voice, "You don't scare me, I will beat you up, leave me alone." I have not seen her since.

William O'Conner

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Ghost story 2

                                     Noise at the Window

    When I was in about 5th or 6th grade, I had two "visits" of the same thing happening, but with two different friends of mine. The first time it happened was with my friend Chelsea and we were sitting in my room, listening to a CD, and just out of nowhere there was a pounding at my window. I didn't think it was any of my other friends because my room was on the 2nd story. So we ran out of my room to tell my older brother and older sister. My brother sent my dog Baby outside to see if anyone was outside. Nothing. No one. So my sister went in my room and looked out my window, while my dog was still outside. As she looked out there, the pounding came back, but louder, and she saw nothing. She just wanted to get out of my room as fast as she could.
    The second time it happened, I was with my other friend Molly. I told her that night what Chelsea and I had heard,and Molly always thought she saw a shadow in my closet, ever since I moved there. The weird thing was, right after I told her, the pounding at the window came back. We never found out what it was, but I am dying to know, I want to know if it was a friend, or was that house really haunted.

Serena Amon

Ghost story 3                       
                        Dream Ghosts

     One night I was trying not to sleep but I fell down to sleep in a different, strange way. I never sleep like that. While I was sleeping in a dream I saw a big light like someone turned on the lights. I woke up but nothing happened. I went back to sleep then I realized I could not handle this dream any more and I tried to wake up again but my eyes couldn't open. I tried to call my dad but nothing came out. I was kind of scared and I couldn't talk or move in that moment. I could only think in that dream or vision. I saw someone I don't know. This nightmare just kept going till i started praying in my mind. My eyes opened and I stood up quickly and I kept praying in Spanish. I felt like I was in my dream and I was wetting. Then in a few minutes I felt calm and normal. This kind of dream happens to my aunt too. She lives in the same house with us she said that 2 old people died and that was their house. My dad believes that they are mad because my aunt makes a lot of changes to the house. It is probably true because things are missing,the dishes fall down by them selves, the lights turn on at night someone walks very noisily. I hope I never dream that again.


Ghost Story 4

The Unknown Visitor

     When I was about eight or nine years old me and my cousin were upstairs while my uncle was downstairs. We heard a little bit of talking downstairs.So my cousin and I went downstairs to see if our uncle was down there watching T.V, but it turned out he was in his bed room asleep. So we ran upstairs and we found a rocking chair rocking in the corner. That day really freaked me out. Now I sometimes get really paranoid.

Jason P

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Ghost Story 5  
                                 Ghost Man
    Hey, my name is Brian and I have my own paranormal group and I was asked by my cousin to check his house for paranormal investigation so later in that night I started the investigation and right when I walked in I had a very heavy feeling like it seemed impossible to breath but I kept on going we went upstairs to do an evp sweep when we started to hear footsteps about 10 feet away from us and we knew that we were not the only people in that house so we went to check it out. What suprised us is a rush of cold air going passed us like a big cold spot. Me and my cousin where frightened so we decided to get out of the house so as my cousin walked out the door what he didn't know is that I was looking behind me and saw a man standing in the living room behind us looking at us then dissapeared. I decided not to tell my cousin what I saw because he would just shoot it down. Ever since that day I knew every time I slept over at their house we were never alone.


Ghost Story 6


     I was sitting on a chair at my house and my cousin was sitting on a couch and we were talking about my grandmother who had passed away about 6 or 7 months before and in the middle of the conversation a music box that my grandmother gave me started to play. This music box was not touched by anyone for almost a year and when it started to play my cousin freaked out and ran out the apartment.


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Ghost Story 7

Saltsburg, PA

     I used to live in a small town, Saltsburg PA. The whole town is haunted. There was a flood and I believe the plague hit hard in this town. There was also the underground railroad throughout the town and there are still tunnels underground to this day! I have experienced the lights shutting off and on by themselves, heavy footsteps in the attic, and knocking in a particular closet near the living room. The whole town has orbs the restaurant down the street is quite active with apparitions, ghosts and poltergeist activity throughout town!
     The first stop sign make a left. On the left hand side of the street before the firehouse there on the sidewalk there lies the underground railroad. There is a plexi glass over the opening of it built into the sidewalk near the run down gas station and a building that used to be where river and trail canoe and kayak rentals place used to be before they moved down the street near the canal. This town does not like to talk about the hauntings but if you were to talk to the old restaurant owners by the last name of George they would be happy to discuss with you their findings.
     Pittsburgh ghost hunters have already investigated this town and the Olde Salt Restaurant. The previous people that rented the restaurant owned the Olde Salt they left then a new restaurant took over. They are now reopening their really great food restaurant in the building next to it which is also haunted. All of these buildings date back to the 1700's. I have seen dark shadowed figures walking around town at night, in the day. Hauntings in this town happen mostly at night especially at the midnight hour.
     Anything on Point street is haunted, especially the Olde Restaurant. It used to be a dance hall back in the day the whole town is historic! In the restaurant the Georges have seen someone in old period clothes dressed in black in the basement the psychics that came to town reported that a family from the underground railroad died in the tunnels in the basement somewhere. They were slaves that didn't make it. The ghosts are somewhat friendly, there is an old caretaker type of ghost there. As well, as a little girl and poltergeist activity is everywhere!!!!!! Above the restaurant is just as haunted, next to the post office that building is haunted and almost every building on Point street is haunted so beware be very aware!!!!

Maddie Z

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Ghost Story 8

                                           College Ghost

     Three years ago, I took my son who was 7 at the time to a small privately owned university in town that I was considering attending. I thought the tour of the grounds was pretty boring and uneventful, but boy was I wrong! Two years after that visit while I was driving my son to school after he's missed his bus, he told me something very frightening about that visit two years previously around the campus. While driving past the university my son exclaimed, "Hey mama, I meant to tell you something about that building on campus when you took me to a couple of years ago!" He then proceeded to tell me this....  During our tour of the campus, the recruiter took us to a huge formal room used for graduation ceremonies. While the recruiter and I were walking ahead of my son, busy chatting away, my son told me that he saw a misty, oval shaped (thing) swiftly float across the room and directly through his body. He said the mist whispered to him the words ,"graduation room". He was confused and did not understand what just happened. He said he looked over his shoulder and behind him quickly and the mist disappeared. Later, we went upstairs to view a small dome shaped, glass enclosed room. When the recruiter and I walked out, my son told me he looked around into the room, and saw people sitting in a circle in a yoga position. He knew that they wern't there moments before. He blinked his eyes and they all disappeared! After he relayed this information to me, I just looked at him in total shock. He said he knew those people wern't real people, but that he wasn't afraid. I later called the college and told them what my son told me. They informed me that the oval room is often used by the students and faculty for meditation and prayer. I have no idea what went on that day, but it was definitely paranormal.



Ghost Story 9

                                              Unwanted Visitors

     My mother, (who is deceased now), had many paranormal experiences in of her life. One in particular was truly disturbing. When she was around 25 years old, back in 1975, she had a very frightening experience. We had recently moved to Indianapolis, Indiana into an old apartment building when strange things began to happen. First of all, whenever a person would go into the bathroom, and shut the door, you could hear what sounded like the doorknob fall off onto the floor on the other side of the door. You'd be locked inside the bathroom momentarily. The door would then open easily, and the outside knob would be intact! Also we would hear footsteps on the stairwell as if someone walked up the stairwell and knock on the door. Of course, if you'd open the door, there was never anyone there. One night, my little sister who was around two years old at the time began to cry hysterically. My mother went to her room and actually saw the bed jumping up and down. My mother picked my sister up and took her out of the room quickly. When she got outside of the room and looked at my sister, my mother said she saw what looked like the face of a demon had replaced my sister's face for an instant! Another occurrence also happened in that apartment. One night while my mother was in bed alone, she had another frightening experience. The room was totally dark, as she was preparing to go to sleep. She said she looked across the room, and saw what looked like an extremely tall, dark shadow approaching the bed. At first she thought she was mistaken because the room was pitch black. She looked another time, and another. Each time, the figure moved in closer and closer to her bed, until it was on top of her and pressing down on her chest! She said that she could not move nor utter a word. She began to recite the Lord's prayer inside of her mind. When she began to pray, a face (surrounded in a white mist), that appeared to be that of her long dead grandfather (who raised her), emanated from the wall and surrounded the black figure. Both apparitions then moved back toward the wall at a swift rate of speed and disappeared in the wall!!!


 Ghost Story 10

                                                   Evil Presence

     I was lying in bed, staring at my ceiling trying to fall asleep when i started to hear noises coming from the other side of my bedroom wall. I had ignored it at first, thinking it was just my cat trying to climb the wall. i again heard it the next night, although this time, I heard shrieks coming from the opposite wall of me. I get up out of my bed, and I walked into my sister's room... and there she was, hanging from the wall with nothing attached. i looked at her, and asked, what the *&#@ is happened to you!!!! she was pulled away from the wall with an angry force, and slammed against it with a loud shriek. all these times, i thought it was my cat, i could've been saving my sister. she thrust the evil onto me, and i was then stuck up on the wall right next to her. this has happened every night, until we decided to move, even now, we still here the pounding of wall next to us.



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