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Apparitions - The term apparition is used for any kind of visual, paranormal related manifestation. The key word to remember is visual. A ghost can take the form of an apparition, like an orb or human figure that you can see. However, not all paranormal visualizations are ghosts. They can be in the form of trains, animals, and inanimate objects. Some apparitions of people might not always be a ghost, or spirit of a person. They might just be visions of things or people that were in that same location years ago. These forms of apparitions will not be conscious of their surroundings or of themselves. They are kind of like a holographic video of something that used to be there. This is called an imprint, and is caused by very dramatic and emotional events that become a part of the land and it's near surroundings. This is however, just a theory that I happen to agree with on certain forms of apparitions. Most professionals in paranormal fields will use the word apparition to describe all paranormal visualizations to keep things simple and avoid any confusion.

There are more than just one type of apparition. Here is a list of some below.

Crisis Apparitions - This is when a person is of course in or was in a crisis. Either they are dying or have just died and are appearing in spirit form to their family or other loved ones to send the message that they are are going or have all ready left the physical world. Some of these apparitions will point to their fatal injuries. Crisis apparitions can appear in peoples dreams as well.

Apparitions of the Dead - This form of course is the appearance of someones spirit that has all ready died. Usually to someone they were close to like family or others that are grieving for that persons soul. They appear in order to give information to their loved ones about unsettled or unfinished business that they feel should be taken care of.

Reciprocal Apparitions - In this case both the apparition and the person that sees it are still alive and remember seeing each other. Someone will be so lonely, worried, or missing the other that they will appear to that person in the form of an apparition and both will remember it happening. They can also be called ghosts of the living. This is a good example of how powerful the human mind and will actually is.

Deathbed Apparitions - An apparition that appears to a dying person, very close to the time of their death. They can be of dead relatives, angels, or biblical figures.

     Apparitions have been thoroughly studied by parapsychologists and other paranormal researchers since the 19th century.They can vary and can hold different characteristics. Some are very lifelike in their movements and looks. Others can be transparent, and fuzzy with jerky, puppet like movements. Others can be even less lifelike and appear only as patches, or other forms of light. They can visualize very suddenly and then disappear in the same manner. Every apparition has it's own special qualities. Some can come with smells, some can make sounds, and others can just make gestures to get someones attention or communicate. Some people that have witnessed an apparition have actually tried to touch them. The majority of those individuals learn that their hands go right through the ghostly visions. In a few incidents however the percipient that have been able to touch them have felt a substance similar to a thin, flimsy fabric.
     About every four out of five apparitions seem to appear for a reason. One of those reasons is to tell of the deceased persons own traumatic experience and/or death. Another is to give comfort to a family member or friend that has lost someone. Sometimes they just want to give important information to help the living as well. It may be that the other 20% of apparitions that do not seem to have a specific purpose are either imprint apparitions or have other matters to attend to that is unknown to the witness.

This apparition is in the form of a mist or vapor!


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