Vortex, portals, and Warps

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     A vortex can be either a funnel shaped mass of light that is found in pictures along side of orbs, or can be a circular, whirling mass of energy and light which seem to be sucking inward due to an impression around the center of the phenomena. Funnel shaped vortexes are usually seen in photos(especially with orbs), where as the larger, circular vortex can and has been seen by the naked eye. These strange, and fascinating phenomenas happen suddenly and disappear just as fast. Some witnesses of vortexes have  even seen landscapes and  buildings  that  may  be  from another  time,  dimension, or  even  both. People have been afraid to step into them for fear of not coming back, which may very well happen considering how unpredictable and brief they are. Orbs have also been seen going in and out of them in videos which is why vortexes are also referred to as portals. Another characteristic that comes with vortexes is a loss of time, much like the kind people experience when encountering UFO's. Others will feel as if time has simply frozen, or no longer exists.
     Some people say that vortexes form in places where there is a high amount of paranormal activity, like Stonehenge in England, the Bermuda Triangle, and other places of paranormal phenomena. Some label these areas as Warps. In a warp you can expect just about anything to happen. All kinds of paranormal phenomena can come from them. Vortexes may explain why so many people have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. Those people that disappeared may still be very well alive, just not in this time, or dimension. If you do ever encounter a vortex, I recommend attempting to photograph it, but never walking into it. You may become lost forever. 

     The problem with vortexes along with most other paranormal phenomena is that they usually don’t last long enough to study. Those that find themselves in front of a vortex have felt shocked and a sense of fear. They usually don't get a chance to photograph it or make any simple experiments on them. However, if we could create and control such an extraordinary phenomena, there is no telling the extent of knowledge we would gain from it or how much it would change our own world as we know it due to that knowledge.

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