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     Telekinesis is one of the most difficult psychic abilities to obtain. You hear about ESP all the time and has probably even happened to you or someone you know, and famous psychics cash in on their ability to see future events every day but telekinesis rarely gets any attention. It is real and is possible to learn, it's just very difficult to learn. No one knows for sure how telekinesis is possible which is partly why it is so hard to do. Even though few people have learned how to use telekinetic power, many are interested in learning how. That's why the information below is focused on how one can get closer to achieving telekinesis

     Some may find this unnecessary but I believe strongly that if you want to achieve anything in life, you have to truely believe in yourself and that you can accomplish anything. You must master this before attempting to learn anything like telekinesis. If you really need help in this area I recommend reading "the Power of Positive Thinking" and "the Power of Positive Living" by Norman Vincent Peale. If I didn't truly believe in myself, this site would not be here for you to read. I would have not been persistent in working on it every day and would have given up after 3 months or so because it seemed to be getting no where at that time. Now I have a healthy page rank and a couple hundred visitors every day.
     One theory on telekinesis that I believe makes sense and should help you in your search of TK is to imagine that the object you are trying to move is a part of you. You move your arms, legs, and head with very little mental effort, and focusing your mind on the object as if it was a part of you should help to connect your energy to the object. Some will even go as far as to saying you must become one with the universe and that everything is connected to each other by the same energy like "the Force" in STAR WARS. I don't think this is necessary to perform telekinesis, but is just a technique that works for some people. I think it is more of you guiding your own energy towards objects outside of your body.

     I suggest starting with objects that are small and light. Even though the size of the object might not matter when it comes to telekinesis, just the fact that you believe and know the size and weight of the object might subconsciously make that movement that much harder for you. You should attempt telekinesis at least once a day so that you can achieve maximum results. I have read that some that have actually been able to perform telekinesis have seriously had their hearts over accelerate and become extremely exhausted during the process which sounds very unhealthy. Take for instance the Russian woman Nina Kulagina. She was able to perform telekinetic movements over and over again but it caused her body temperature and hear rate to rise at deadly levels. She died in 1990 due to the stress her body was under during her telekinetic demonstrations. I don't think you necessarily have to push your body that far to perform telekinesis. After all, you should be using your mind, and spiritual energy more than your body to create telekinetic movement.

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