Ghost Stories Page 4

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Ghost story 31

                                                        A Strange Visitor

I was living in an old Victorian home that was divided into 4 apartments. one night as I was watching t.v. I saw a shadow move across some mirrors on the wall. I really didn't think anything of it as the time until I heard the other tenants complaining about strange nosies. One of the tenants said they woke up one night and a man was standing at bottom of their bed staring at them. The asked him who he was and he just vanished. They moved out the next day. Things started to disappear shortly after the incident. My husband and I had some beautiful stones we kept in our medicine bags and one day they just disappeared. A lady living next door had a practiced witchcraft at one time and she said she saw a ghost in our living room closet. When I looked, their were the medicine bags in the bottom of a sewing kit in the closet. My cat used to stare at me when I was alone giving me the creeps. It was not me he was staring at, it was someone beside me.My husband woke up one night with the cat sitting by the bed staring at him. We moved out shortly after that. The cat never did that again so we know there was something in that house although he never hurt anyone..


Ghost story 32

                                                        An Unwelcome Visitor

      I have had several encounters with paranormal activity. when I was in middle school, it was a hot summer day, and all the window and door were shut. I was home alone and had went downstairs because I had heard tapping. And it was a picture on the wall moving, but there was not a single breeze or fan on to do it. And there were several "I think I see" incidents to occur after that. Once I graduated high school thing got worse. One night I was sleeping. when I woke up I could not move, I could not yell, I could not do anything. I felt an energy that flowed through my head down my body. Once I was able to move, I realized my head was on my cellphone. so I just wrote it off as nothing serious, so I thought. A couple of months later, I had came home from work and I was very upset (angry). I went to bed upset and I had been awakened from a similar energy flow. As I laid there I could not move, and this time the room was darker than normal and I felt something standing over me watching me. It felt like it was reaching/getting closer to me. And at that moment I honestly felt I was going to die. So I was finally able to yell while gasping for air. I could not go back to sleep because with all the lights on I still felt what ever it was looking at me through the window. And the thing that really had and has me worried was each time I had woke up was in the hour of 3 am, which is suppose to be the hour of the devil. Now I am living on my own and some nights I look at the walls and get a little scared because it seems like figures start to form and shadows move..