Dangers of the Ouija Board

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     Ever since the Ouija Board has become popular there has been talk of it being evil, demonic, and dangerous, as well as those that say it is a harmless toy. The truth is that the Ouija board and other talking boards have brought both positive results and negative ones as well. However, I would like to mention right of the bat that these talking boards are NOT toys at all. They are tools for spirit communication. It is when they are used like toys by people and children that can cause them to become dangerous.

     Personally, I do not recommend anyone to use the Ouija board or any board like it except for experienced mediums because the board can become a doorway to all kinds of spirits. Not all spirits are good just like people are not all good. If you say the wrong things or the spirit is clever enough it may find it's way into your home and physically affect it in a negative way. Are you capable of dealing with a negative spirit or perhaps even a demon? Would you even want to try? You might use it many times without experiencing anything like that but you should always keep in mind that these things are possible and have happened to many people all ready.

     If you still decide to communicate with the spirit world using a Ouija board or other talking board, you can minimize the risk of a negative experience by following some simple guidelines. First, when you begin your talking board session, make it clear that you will only communicate with positive spirits or good spirits. If you realize that you are probably speaking with a not so friendly spirit, end the conversation right away. When you are done using it, make sure you say goodbye and close the board. Most importantly, NEVER ask a spirit to prove to you that it is there, or that it exists. If you do, you will be giving it permission to effect your physical space and the spirit or spirits might not stop or leave for a long time. Have you ever heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for"?
     Some believe that these talking boards are not communication devices to the spirit world at all, but instead the user is answering themselves with their own subconscious. I believe that this can be the case on some occasions, but even in this situation there can still be danger. Especially when asking for physical proof. Why you ask? Because many poltergeists are actually caused by the subconscious of individuals that are in or near the location of the paranormal activity. You might believe a spirit has entered your home and your subconscious may create the disturbances itself by the use of psychokinesis or telekinesis.
by Max Rodegher
-Author of Studies of the Paranormal 

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