Orbs; Paranormal Phenomena or simply dust and water?

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     There has been much debate going on about weather orbs are paranormal or something else. Some people say that they are one of the forms a spirit can manifest into, either human or animal and others say that all orbs are simply dust or water particles. Most people do not deny that many orb photos are not actually paranormal but either mistakes of the film, camera, or natural causes but does this explain away every orb photo. Many paranormal investigators and researchers say no.
     One reason why people believe orbs are of the paranormal is that many orbs appear to have faces in them. If it were only once and a while that a face seemed to appear in an orb it would not seem likely, but they appear very often and are noticed by many. Perhaps orbs with faces are more likely to be truly spiritual. The problem with the faces is that even though many of us see faces in orbs, the skeptics and close minded folks will simply say it's a matter of opinion and that people will see what they want to see. It is not enough to prove orbs are paranormal.
     Lets look at another fact. Orbs will ofter appear in large quantities in grave yards, seances, and other places where psychic energy is very high. Is this just a coincidence? Probably not. Even on this paranormal site, the pictures that contain the largest quantity of orbs are the ones taken in cemeteries. If orbs can be proved as paranormal than this would help support the theory that spirits of the dead get their energy from where their remains are buried.
     One more fact that I think supports orbs being paranormal is from orbs that are captured on video. Unlike a photo, you can capture the movement of orbs. Many orb videos will show orbs moving at very fast speeds, changing their directions instantly as UFOs can, and have even been seen going through walls just like a ghost might. As far as I know, dust and water particles do not have the ability to travel through walls. In video, you can see that some orbs seem to be directed by some form of intelligence. These facts may not prove 100% that orbs are a paranormal phenomena, but they do seem to point in that direction or at least give the skeptic something to think about.
- Author of Studies of the Paranormal

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