Paranormal Misconceptions

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     The subject of paranormal phenomena has become very popular in
the last 20 years. During that time many misunderstandings and rumors about the supernatural have been adopted by many. This is due to movies, bad media, and television. Right now I would like to help clear up some of these false beliefs.
     One belief that many have about the paranormal is that most ghosts and spirits are evil and malevolent. It is because of this misunderstanding that many people who find their homes to be haunted flip out and rush to have them removed by some means. The truth is exactly the opposite. Most ghosts do not mean any harm. Some do not even know they are ghosts. Only a very small percentage of ghosts are truly out to do the living any harm. If more could except the fact that most ghosts are harmless, there would be a lot less fear when people are among the spirits of the dead.

     Another misconception is that all psychics are phonies and are just out to make a quick buck. Even though there where many so called  psychics during the beginning of spiritualism that were mostly looking for attention and money doesn't mean that every person that claims to have psychic powers is false. That isn't to say that you should not do your homework before spending money on one though. There still are those that are out there that are not genuine. However, if all claiming to be psychic were not genuine, than the police would surely not use them to solve crimes and to locate missing people. These psychics are called "psychic detectives".
     Another misconception is that all cemeteries are haunted. This belief is usually adopted by young and brand new "ghost hunters". This is not as widely spread of a rumor as others but I thought is should be addressed since many that are new to the supernatural come to visit us at SOTP. If you are looking for a haunted cemetary it is best to do your homework before you go out and waste your time. In other words, choose to investigate cemeteries that have long record of paranormal activity, and not throw darts at a map.

     Another silly one is where some still think that paranormal investigators catch ghosts. That's only in the movies(at least so far). They can however aid in removing them from the haunted location. Also, I want to stress the fact that the Ouija board is NOT a good tool to use to communicate with the dead. Not that it doesn't work, but the fact that so many people that have messed around with Ouija boards have brought unwanted entities into their homes. Sometimes evil entities will respond and once you let them in, it can be very difficult to remove them. It's best to leave spiritual communication
to the experienced psychic. Thanks for Reading!

by Max Rodegher
Author of Studies of the Paranormal

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