Ghosts; Spirits of the Dead, or products of the Mind?

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     Many people in the paranormal field believe ghosts are the spirits of the dead that are either trying to communicate with the living, or are simply caught in between the spirit world and our own. There is however another theory on ghosts and apparitions. Those that are skeptical of the life after death theory will often support the idea that ghosts and apparitions are simply created by the person who witnesses them. This theory is supported by the possibility of super or limitless ESP.
     Suppose someone speaks with a ghost from another place and time and learns of accurate information about something the witness would never have known about otherwise. You would most likely assume that this paranormal phenomena is most likely the spirit of the actual deceased person. However, it may be possible under the Super ESP theory that the wittiness had obtained the information from either other peoples minds that have knowledge of the deceased person, or from physical records of that individual. The theory of Super ESP suggests that the human mind can out of the blue pick up information from anyone, anything, at any time, and from anywhere. It also assumes that the mind can project the apparition to look just as the person had looked in life from that same knowledge. This theory assumes a lot doesn't it.
     The Super ESP theory runs along the lines of the theory on poltergeists, which suggests that the paranormal disturbances are being created by someone close to the phenomena unknowingly using psychokinetic energy. This would also explain some of the strange animal and other apparitions that have been witnessed in many poltergeist incidents. I must add that even though these theories seem to fit many paranormal experiences, it seems unfair and even a little naive to assume that all paranormal activities are created by Super ESP and psychokinesis. What if both spiritual entities and mentally created ones can both exist. Perhaps it is not a question of which one is the cause of all paranormal activity, but would be better to as ourselves which theory fits each individual case the best.

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