What are Ghosts Made Of?

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     We read a lot about ghosts and spirits in books, here on the internet, and even in stories we pass on to one another but have you ever wondered what a ghost is actually made of? First we must define what a ghost is before attempting to figure out what it's composed of. The term ghost can be used to describe an imprint which is an unconscious apparition that is of people, animals, or objects from the past acting in the same ways as those real people, animals, and things did years ago. The term ghost can also be used to define the spirit or soul of a deceased person that has in some way made it's presence known to the living.
     Lets take a look at imprints first. Imprints are definitely not spirits because they are often of things that were never alive in the first place like ships, trains, and other inanimate things. Because it looks and acts just as the real thing did, it's very possible that they are made up of energy that is stored in the location of the phenomena. What kind of energy you say? Many believe that they are made up of electromagnetic fields and possibly electrostatic charges. They take these forms because the locations somehow hold the memories of these incidents. It is believed that the reason why these events are recorded by certain places is because some are of very repetitive motions and others are very dramatic in nature. It is all in theory but it may be just what is happening.
     What about the ghosts of the deceased? Well, a very popular theory is that they are made up of the natural electromagnetic energy that the human body has inside itself. This theory is popular because very often during ghost hunts in haunted places and other places of paranormal phenomena, EMF readings that are unexplainable and erratic are caught on EMF detectors. You may be wondering what else a ghost may be made up of besides EMFs. Well, one man thought that the human soul is made up of something that holds a little more weight. Duncan McDougall tried to prove that the human soul was actually made up of some kind of mass. He performed an experiment with five dying patients by weighing them before and after their death. He found that their bodies actually hat lost a couple of ounces after those patients had died. It seems that there may be more to the soul than just EMFs but what exactly is it? This we may not ever know.
     The main reason we know so little about ghosts is because they are so difficult to study. Hauntings and most other paranormal phenomena occurs at unpredictable times and places. Even if we new when and where a ghost was to appear, it is very unlikely that the entity would be willing to cooperate. Hopefully in years to come we will understand the phenomena we call ghosts at a higher level. Are chances are better if we don't stop looking for the answers.

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