Ghost Trains

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     Ghost trains, also called phantom trains are a paranormal phenomena that have been witnessed for many years. They are as large as the real thing, can be seen through like many apparitions can be, and can be completely silent, or instead can be accompanied by the usual whistles and other common train noises. Sometimes these trains have no drivers or passengers, other times there have been ghostly travelers on board. Most of these paranormal trains are spotted in the United States and of course the very haunted United Kingdom.
     One of the most famous ghost trains is President Lincoln's funeral train. After Lincoln's death in 1865 his body and that of his son Willie were carried by train from Washington all the way to Springfield, Illinois for burial. Now this train has been seen time and time again in phantom form, traveling along the same route on the anniversary of it's original journey. Some have even seen skeletons boarded on this paranormal piece of American history. Another interesting thing that has been said about this ghost train is that the clocks stop as it passes by.
     One of the British ghost trains is called the Nimbus. The Nimbus is a British Rail Class 55 "Deltic" diesel Locomotive that was taken apart for scrap metal in 1980. It was spotted several times after is was destroyed, the first time being only nine(9) months after it's destruction.
     Another famous ghost train is the St. Louis Ghost train. This paranormal train takes place around St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada and is especially know for it's phantom light. Some say it is the headlight of the train while others believe it to be a lantern carried by the ghost of a brakeman who had lost his head on the tracks from a train going by. He carries the lantern searching for his missing head. Skeptics say the strange lights are nothing more than headlights coming from a nearby highway.
     What causes ghost trains to appear remains a mystery. Even though we use the word "ghost" in the term ghost train, we know that they are not actually ghosts because the term "ghost" usually refers to the spirit of a deceased person. Ghost trains may be the product of "Place Energy" which is people,things,or events being recorded by an areas energy due to the repetition of actions or by intense emotions, and playing them back from time to time. Whatever a ghost train truly is, they are definitely a paranormal phenomena worthy of our attention. Thanks for reading.

by Max Rodegher

Author of Studies of the Paranormal

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