The Old Drury Lane Theatre

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     One of the most haunted theaters in the world is the old Drury Lane Theater in London, England. It has been haunted for many years. Many ghosts have been seen in this historical theater which was built in 1663. One of the ghosts is that of Charles Macklin. When he was alive he had lost his temper and ended up killing another actor by the name of Thomas Hallam in a fight. Never being convicted he lived to be 107 years old and his ghost is normally seen backstage where the murder took place. It is believed by many that Macklins ghost is doomed to the corridor for all of eternity as punishment for his crime.

     The Ghost of King Charles II was also seen at Drury Lane Theater. He was a big fan of the theater before he died and apparently still is. Other ghosts seen at Drury are the ghosts of Joe Grimaldi, who was an actor as well as a clown during his lifetime, and also Charles Keene, a nineteenth century actor. The most famous of all the ghosts that haunts Drury Lane is the Man in Gray, whose identity is unknown. This ghost is said to be well dressed, good looking, wears a long gray cloak(which he gets his name from) a powdered wig, and a three cornered hat. Very eighth century looking. Other features include a sword(under his gray cloak), boots, and ruffled sleeves.

     This spook is mostly seen between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.(which is not during the usual hours of ghost sightings). To those who work and run the theater, he is a sign of good luck. They say he appears just before the opening of a very successful play. He has appeared at rehearsals most of the time, and has also been seen at matinees. Only one time was he ever seen backstage. When someone gets to close to the ghost it vanishes. The closest people have gotten is about 40 feet before the ghost disappears.
      Some believe the ghost is that of a noble man who had been in love with one of the leading ladies at Drury. In 1848 the theater was being renovated and some workmen broke down a wall revealing a hidden chamber. Inside they found a male skeleton that had a dagger between his ribs. In the legend, another man that had also wanted the lovely actress, had stabbed the man to death and sealed his body behind a new wall, covering an area of the theater that was hardly ever used.

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