the Haunted Tower of London

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     It's no wonder that this famous British Castle is a paranormal hot spot when you learn of its age and the terrible uses that it once had. It was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror making it over 930 years old. Although this famous structure has had many uses throughout the years, the fact that it has been used as a prison and a place of executions is most likely the cause of it's ghostly inhabitants. Some believe it to be one of the most haunted places in Britain.

     In 1241 the Tower of London had its first ghost sighting of Thomas Becket, a former constable of the Castle. A priest had seen Beckets ghost by the construction of the Inner Curtain wall. The apparition struck the wall with its cross and that was all it took to turn it to rubble. The most famous ghost of course is that of Queen Ann Boleyn. This second wife of King Henry VIII was accused of high treason, adultery, and incest. Wnen she was found guilty she was taken to Tower Green which is in the south west corner. She was beheaded by a French swordsman on May 19th 1536. Her headless ghost has been seen many times by guards, soldiers, and many other folks sometimes scaring them enough to faint.

     Another famous ghost that has haunted the Tower of London is that of the famous nine day Queen Lady Jane Grey. She was also beheaded on Tower Green in February of 1554 and her ghost has been seen visiting the area of her death. She was said to be a white misty figure taking shape on the battlements of Tower Hill. Her last sighting was in 1957 by two guardsmen, on the 403rd anniversary of her beheading and for reasons unknown has not been seen since.

     Other famous ghosts that have been seen in the haunted tower are that of the two Princes Edward V and his brother Richard. Although it was never proved, most believe the two boys were murdered in the Tower in 1483 because the were believed to be a threat to their uncle Richard who had just become King Richard III of England after the two princes were found illegitimate by Parliament. In the Bloody Tower Their ghosts have been witnessed by guards in the late 15th century. They were seen quietly gliding down the stairs wearing there white night shirts. They appeared as shadows on the wall and soon faded away into it.

      Lady Salisbury, also known as Margaret Pole, the Countess of Salisbury was held in the London Tower for two and a half long years for treason before her gruesome execution. Some say that she ran from the wooden block after the executioner had missed her neck and instead cut in to her shoulder with the ax. They say she was hacked to death from behind but weather or not she actually ran or not it is certain that it took at least ten strikes of the ax to end the life to the 70 year old countess. Her terrible execution is replayed in its entirety on the anniversary of her death by ghostly apparitions.

      Aside from Human ghosts, there has also been other strange apparitions taking place in the London Tower. The apparition of a bear was seen by a sentry coming out of the Jewel room and when he tried to stab it with his bayonet it of course went right through it. The bear disappeared right after it was attacked. An even stanger apparition is that of glass tube full of a blue liquid that appeared to be bubbling. When the Keeper of the Crown Jewels Edmund Swifte and family was having dinner the strange apparition was seen floating in midair. It then floated behind the Chair of Swiftes wife and she said it was attempting to grab her, but I can't imagine how a glass tube with no arms could be grabbing anyone but when someone is confronted with the unknown logic can often go out the window.

      This is just a handful of the paranormal activity that has taken place in the Tower of London. Many other unknown ghosts have been seen as well, usually female ghosts with no faces, only a blackness where their faces should be. phantom screams of people being tortured and cold spots can be experienced in the famous Tower as well. Many flock to the tower in the hopes of experiencing the ghostly activity for themselves.

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