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Imprint - Apparitions of people and things of the past that are made up of energy that exists in the area of activity. Imprints are not actually conscience of themselves and their surrounding's, unlike an actual spirit or ghost.

Materialization - The formation of either an entire spirits body or only parts of a spirits body. Materialization can happen during a seance or in some other situation.

Medium - One who communicates with human and non human spirits.

Necromancy- To conjure or summon up the spirits of the dead for purposes such as prophecy, divination, or other things associated with magic. Necromancy is done by magicians, sorcerers, witches, and priests.
Orb - a sphere shaped form of energy found in photos and videos believed to have a supernatural origin. believed by many to be spirits. They may be taking on this shape because it would take the least amount of energy to form. 

OBE (Out of Body Experience) - When a persons soul, or spirit leaves their body from just a few feet away, to as far as other worlds or dimensions.

Poltergeist- A Poltergeist is a spirit or sometimes disembodied energy. They are much like ghosts except they are more destructive and are most known for throwing rocks and dirt. They are usually found in homes and buildings.

Possession - A persons body, spirit, and conscience being taken over by a ghost, demon, or other entities.

Pseudopod- An ectoplasmic hand and/or arm from the early seance days.

Psychokinesis(PK) - Objects being manipulated from afar either happening suddenly or on purpose by someone with this paranormal ability.

Reincarnation- The spirit of a deceased person being reborn into another body to live a new life.

Revenant - Another name for a ghost, used long ago and is rarely used today.

Shadow People - These entities are a deep black color and are can be in the form of a thick or misty cloud, but usually in the shape of a human. These are one of the rarest paranormal phenomena to be captured on photographs. Most of these ghosts are found in peoples homes and are evasive and sneaky in nature. Sometimes they even play pranks on people.

Soul - The non physical core of a living being that exists even after their body has died.

Spirit - Another name for soul or it can also be  a paranormal force of some kind.

Spunkie- A Scottish ghost or goblin that is usually evil and likes to play tricks on travelers that are lost.

Vortex - A vortex is a form of paranormal energy in the shape of a whirlwind or cylinder. A popular belief is that they are some kind of portal or doorway between this world and the spirit world. Sometimes an orb that is moving very fast can look like a vortex when photographed. The most common color for a vortex to be is white.

Witching Hour- The time in which all paranormal activity is at it's strongest according to superstition which takes place at midnight during a full moon.

Zombie- The bodies of the deceased being reanimated by a sorcerer or other power that moves with mechanical like motions.




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