The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

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     This ghost is similar to gray ladies except that this ghost is not connected to any dramatic event or death and has actually been photographed. She has been seen walking around in Raynham hall in Norfolk, England which is owned by the Townsand family. This ghostly lady in brown was first seen around Christmas time in 1835.
     A visitor named Colonel Loftus seen her in the hall on his way up to his room. He began to adjust his glasses and she vanished all of the sudden. The next week he seen the ghost again, much more closer than before. He noticed she was wearing a brown satin dress, her face had an unnatural light, and strangest of all, she had no eyes.A novelist named Captain Frederick Marryat also had an encounter with the Brown Lady. He was walking upstairs with two nephews of Lord Charles Townshed when he spotted a woman with a lamp headed their way. They hid behind a near by door and just when the ghost had got passed the door the eyeless spectre turned its face to the gentlemen and gave the most creepy grin, or in their words "diabolical". Marryat shot his pistol at the ghost and the bullet went right through it.
     The Brown Lady was not seen again until 1926 when a boy and his buddy had witnessed the ghost. Then years later she was spotted by a photographer. When he was taking pictures for his magazine he saw her coming down the stairs. The other photographer was unable to see her but his partner had him take a photo just as she was about to vanish. Sure enough, the picture showed a translucent, ghostly figure. That was the last time the eyeless Brown Lady was ever seen, at least to my knowledge.


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